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Just wanted to send you a quick message to pass on comments about the car and my experience with your staff and the dealership. First, thanks very much to you for your assistance with this purchase. I am very pleased with the car. Second, thanks go to your staff. What a pleasure it was to deal with such a pleasant and professional group. You have a great staff there. I would also like to pass on a commendation to Amy for all her prompt and professional assistance and support. Third but certainly not last, to the staff who “prepped” the car, an amazing job. This is my first sight unseen purchase as it were and I am duly impressed. The car is a pleasure to drive and own.
Doug seems to be able to make the impossible happen. He goes beyond to get you what you need. Thanks Doug!
We traveled 2700 km from the Yukon to have my wife's car serviced by you.Our experience of your service staff has been outstanding since before our move north. Your service advisor Nina today confirmed our reason for traveling so far for service. Nina was helpful,courteous and professional. It is so refreshing to have interactions with an organization that is meticulous about customer service. Nina represents your company and the brand in an exemplary fashion.
I had my 460 serviced last Thursday. Just wanting to let you know I appreciated the exemplary service I experienced once again from your team : Henry for the incoming reception of the car and Pierre for the outgoing after the service was completed. I also had a chat with Edward and Chris, catching up with the updates. I always feel welcomed and at home going to your place. I also need to mention I was initially greeted courteously by a lady at the service desks area (I didn't get her name. She has blonde hair and was at reception some months ago) who asked me if I need a drink before I was directed to Henry. Lastly when I picked up my car, Tracy at reception was kind enough to come out of the building to assist me.
Recently on a rainy wet afternoon in Richmond BC, my wife and I were travelling along one of the city's main East-West streets and were about to overtake a large van which was parked. Suddenly, without warning, a large black car shot out from behind it to cross the street. I tramped on the brake. Thankfully the brakes held, the anti-lock system worked and we came to a stop just inches, literally, from hitting the drivers door. It could have been a very nasty accident. We just want to say a huge thank you to all the Technicians at Open Road Lexus in Richmond who have kept our 16 year old ES300 in tip-top shape. Your dedication to your work saved lives that day.
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your service. When I first came into the showroom you greeted me with courtesy and attentiveness and as I explained what I was looking for you jumped to and provided me with all of the information and personal care that I needed. When I asked you for a breakdown of the various models and what various leasing options were, you were completely transparent and professional, (i remember relating to you how terrible the experience at the Ford dealership was), you gave me everything I needed to make my own calculations. When I came back a second time and asked to take another spin, you suggested we take a longer route this time on the freeway, so that I could get a better feel for the car. And you did that on your day off! You came in especially for me. Robert, I really appreciate it, you are a true pro.
Thanks for making the connection with your service department today. The wipers on my CT have been fixed! As usual, you are always caring and helpful. This tradition is also felt when I talked about my issue to your Service Advisors Pierre and Jacky. Pierre handled my questions very professionally. He tested the wipers and was quick in reaching a resolution. Before I finished my cup of water around the customer waiting area, he managed to replace the wipers and return the CT to me. That was lightening fast! I'm impressed with the level of service I received. It is consistent amongst your team of staff in Open Road Lexus Richmond. Please pass on my commendations to your manager and the manager to Pierre and Jacky for a job very well done! Thank you!
I want to send a note to appreciate one of your staff members- Nina Hou - service advisor at the Open Road Lexus in Richmond. Not only she has the excellent customer service, but also she is willing to do something extra. On my last visit, I need to fix some minor problem for my Rx350, she provided good advise and even stayed late to resolve my problem. In addition, I borrowed the latest ES300 as the courtesy car which I like it very much. I took some photos at Facebook to my friends! Once again, thank you so much especially Nina who provides me the excellent customer experience and I will definitely to recommend to all friends about Lexus.
Thank you for always being so "open", courteous, patient, and obliging. Your service is truly the best! You have gained my respect and confidence, not to mention sincere appreciation.
I am writing to express my appreciation for a wonderful representative of your dealership! He is Ollie Rocha. I found Ollie to be polite, well informed, thorough, and conscientious. And to top it off, he is a sweet and humorous man with a wonderful sense of responsibility and professionalism. He took good care of me during the pleasant transaction of purchasing this amazing car. Also he managed to get some paint work and detailing taken care of while I waited. Ollie must surely be one of your best people. I highly recommend him to any prospective client of your firm.